Geneva: Interesting Spots

The most unique thing about Geneva (history) is the presence of so many international organization headquarters here.  The most fascinating aspect of Geneva’s history is its being a seat of John Calvin during the Reformation.

My favorite places in Geneva

  • Cathedral St Pierre – originally Roman Catholic, became the center of Reformation, giving Geneva the title of “Vatican of the Protestant Church”. In this Cathedral, there is The Calvin Chair, from which Calvin taught.  One hundred fifty seven steps lead to the top of North Tower and great view of the city and lake.
  • Archeological Site, an impressive extensive archeological dig located underneath the Cathedral, revealing remnants of habitation in this area dating to pre-Roman times.
  • Museum of the Reformation – across the alley from the Cathedral
  • Maison Tavel – history of life in Geneva, housed in 14th century building, has many artifacts of daily life from the middle ages, Free Entrance.
  • Lunch/refreshment stop at the historic market square Place du Bourg de Four
  • Quick stop to admire The Flower Clock
  • United Nations Buildings – what makes Geneva important on the international scene.
  • The Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum – which was started in Geneva, museum is located across the street from UN HQ Visitor’s entrance
  • Ethnography Museum – French website
  • The Botanical Gardens – pretty flora, very relaxing
  • Patek Phillipe Watch Museum – unveil the mystery and history of Swiss watchmaking
  • A curious place: Telephone Museum – visit by appointment only
  • and of course – strolls along the shore of Lake Geneva and the Rhone River banks

Free Entarnce to 14 Geneva Municipal Museums permanent collections, and to their temporary exhibits on the First Sunday of Each Month.

My favorite places near Geneva, good for day-trips


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